To date Bridge House has...

19,150 kWh (9.57 kWh/day)

Energy generated since April 2013

144,072 litres (72.00 litres/day)

Rainwater harvested since April 2013

How we’ve done it

Bridge House utilises some of the “greenest” technologies available to ensure energy costs are halved, carbon emissions are reduced by up to 75% and fresh clean water reliance is minimised.

This includes...

  • Photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels... to generate electricity and offset energy used
  • Water solar panels to heat water used within the building... to minimise energy used
  • Rain water harvesting system for toilet flushing... to minimise reliance on fresh clean water
  • High levels of external insulation maintaining a stable internal temperature... to minimise energy used
  • Air source heat pumps for heating and cooling the building providing three times more energy output than input... to maximise energy efficiency
  • Mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems to keep a flow of fresh air and pre-warm it in the winter... to minimise energy used
  • Ultra low energy LED lighting with movement sensors and the use of natural light throughout the building... to minimise energy used
  • Sustainable construction wherever possible... to minimise impact of the build on the environment
  • Energy Monitoring and Management System... to maximise the performance of the above technologies
  • IS014001 Environmental Management System... to mitigate the business' environmental impact through formalised processes, procedures and policies